Carlos Melgar


Carlos is the stereotypical “comeback player” of the section! He started playing trumpet in the 7th grade and quickly discovered that he was not very good. However, he continued to practice and upon entering high school in West Texas quickly found himself climbing from 3rd section to 1st by the time he was a sophomore. His talent continued to grow as he found himself winning various regional and state competitions along with a few scholarships for college. He attended the University of Arizona and while he did not formally declare a music major, he was quickly heading that way.

However, like many a music major he reached a crossroads and eventually went a different direction. He became an accounting major. He continued to play in various Chicago style rock bands sprinkled with a bit of Mexican Mariachi and Folk music until the late 80’s. After that he rarely picked up his horn more than a few times a year until about 5 years ago. Starting to play again has reinvigorated his interest in music and playing with CCX is one of the things he looks forward to every week! He currently plays in CCX, the Gwinnett Community Orchestra, and with the First Baptist Church of Sugar Hill Praise Band. Carlos is married and has two children.

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